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Biotechnology - Adamis Therapeutics

Adamis' biotechnology division, Adamis Therapeutics, is developing therapeutic vaccines and drug candidates in the multi-billion dollar global cancer markets.

Universal Cancer Vaccine

The Company acquired an exclusive world-wide license for a telomerase cancer vaccine that has already completed Phase 1 clinical testing in prostate cancer patients. The vaccine was shown to be safe, induced an immune response in the vaccinated patients and the patient's T cells were shown to kill prostate cancer cells. The telomerase vaccine could be called a "universal cancer vaccine" since telomerase levels are increased in over 85% of all cancers. Adamis is initially focusing on prostate cancer for this product, but since the same basic technology can be used to treat various cancer types, the Company intends to move to other indications such as breast, lung and colon cancer.

Award Winning Cancer Drugs

Adamis has also obtained exclusive world-wide rights to three new compounds for the treatment of prostate cancer. In 2006 and 2007, two of the three compounds (APC-100 and APC-200) won the National Cancer Institute (NCI) RAPID Award (Rapid Access to Preventative Intervention Development). This award is given to drugs the NCI considers to be the most promising new drugs for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Adamis seeks to fill an unmet need in the multi-billion dollar prostate cancer market, where either there is no existing drug available or where current standard of care drugs are ineffective - often with intolerable side effects for the majority of patients. To date, over $18 million dollars of government funds have been awarded for the development of these three drugs.

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