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Adamis is currently developing products in the large respiratory and allergy markets. Adamis will pursue 505 (b) (2) regulatory approval filings whenever possible in order to minimize costs and shorten the time to market. The focus is to create high quality, lower-cost therapeutic alternatives to existing treatments. The company’s specialty pharmaceutical pipeline has several inhaled products for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that include a new platform Taper Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) technology that was acquired from 3M (NYSE:MMM). Adamis intends to pursue other products using this Taper DPI patented platform technology.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals1 Potential Indication Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 NDA
APC-6000- Naloxone Injection Opioid Overdose phase-1 phase-2 phase-3 phase-4
APC-8000- Tadalafil
Sublingual Disintegrating Tablet
Erectile Dysfunction phase-1 phase-2    
Metered Dose Inhalers
APC-1000- HFA Inhaled Oral Steroid Asthma/COPD phase-1 phase-2 phase-3
Dry Powder Inhaler Platform
APC-4000- Fluticasone DPI2 Asthma/COPD phase-1 phase-2
Phase 1: Clinical trials are typically conducted with a small number of patients or healthy subjects to evaluate safety, determine safe dosage range, identify side effects, and, if possible, gain early evidence of effectiveness.
Phase 2: Clinical trials are conducted with a larger group of patients to evaluate effectiveness of an investigational drug for a defined patient population, and to determine common short-term side effects and risks associated with the drug.
Phase 3: Clinical trials involve large scale, multi-center, comparative trials that are conducted with patients affected with a target disease to evaluate the overall benefit-risk relationship of the investigational drug and to provide an adequate basis for product labeling.

1 Represents the next development/regulatory stage Adamis intends to pursue 2 Proof of concept study is anticipated