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APC-5000 - Dry Powder Inhaler

APC-5000 is Adamis' first product using the Taper Dry Powder Inhalation (DPI) technology that the Company has fully acquired and exclusively licensed from 3M Drug Delivery Systems. The Taper DPI is a patented pre-metered device that Adamis expects will have a number of advantageous features when compared to competing DPI products including: greater efficiency, less dependence on the individual's inspiratory flow rate (due to the aerosolization energy inherent in the device), no need for excipients in most formulations, capability of delivering up to 120 doses (a two month supply), moisture protection, and ease of use. In addition, the device has been designed to reduce the likelihood of delivering a double dose.

Addressable Market ~$4.0 billion

According to IMS Health data, the global asthma and COPD prescription market is more than $34 billion and is averaging 7% growth per year. Also according to IMS, annual sales of the AdvairDiskus® are currently in excess of $4 billion in the United States and $8 billion globally.