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Finding a way to put patients first.

We are committed to developing more affordable therapies so more patients have access to the medicine they need.


About Us

Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing pharmaceutical products in various therapeutic areas, including respiratory disease, allergy and opioid overdose.

The mission of Adamis is to provide high quality, affordable alternatives to existing therapies in various therapeutic areas to reach a broader range of patients.

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SYMJEPI (epinephrine) Injection is a lower-cost therapeutic epinephrine alternative in the anaphylaxis market.

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Areas of Focus: Allergy, Respiratory and Opioid overdose

Solutions for Change

Adamis is dedicated to advancing the therapeutic areas of respiratory diseases, allergies and opioid overdose, while providing affordable treatment solutions for these therapeutic areas.

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